Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting TO and AROUND D.C. REPOSTED for 2/2013 HOTH

If you have not been to D.C. Here's a little I know about airports and getting myself around town --  may be helpful for those who have never flown into the D.C. area.

IAD (Dulles International Airport) is furthest away from the downtown area.  I have not flown into Dulles.

DCA (aka National; Reagan)  I flew regularly into this airport because I could get on the metro there and get pretty darn close to where I was going.  At my destination Metro stop, a cab was generally available if further than an easy walk.

BWI (aka Baltimore Washington Int'l; Thurgood Marshall) I landed at BWI one time and took an airport shuttle to the Swankin-Turner office at a cost of about $45 one way including tip.    

An option for traveling to D.C. from any of the airports would be to take a shuttle or a cab to the nearest metro station and use the great public transit system D.C. offers.   Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority better known in D.C. as the METRO has a pretty user friendly website tool to find your way from A to B via C, etc.  :)    Since I'm there so often, I ordered a handy SmartTrip Card so I always have my fare handy.

For close Metro Stops, see
-- your hotel website
-- the link to the map and directions for the Lutheran Church of the Reformation
-- Dupont Circle is easy walking distance to Swankin-Turner Law Offices

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